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Our expert mechanics will have your car back on the road in no time.


At Aram’s Auto Repair, your welfare is more important than anything else. Our expert mechanics make sure your vehicle does not leave the shop unless the brakes are in good condition. For maximum safety, have your braking system inspected and ensure it is in top shape.

• New brake pads

• New brake rotors 

• Installation of parts by trained technicians

• Caliper servicing (cleaning & lubricating of caliper slides)

• Bleeding of brake fluid system


Regular oil changes are essential to keep your engine clean and properly lubricated, allowing your vehicle to run more efficiently. Depending on the vehicle you drive, you should be getting your oil changed at least twice a year or every 5,000 kilometres.

Oil Change - Aram's Auto Repairs & Service Center


Spark Plug Services - Aram's Auto Repairs & Service Center

Spark plug replacement should be a part of your scheduled maintenance.It’s connected to your car’s ignition system, helping the plug spark when it needs to.Without properly functioning spark plugs, your vehicle won’t be able to create the small explosions that provide your vehicle with the oomph it needs to run. Our expert service technicians will be happy to help you better understand your spark plugs, and why it’s important that they’re replaced regularly.


Keep your car running, the engine is the heart of all vehicles and needs special treatment. However most people don’t take preventive actions to sustain their vehicles´ good condition. We recommend to visit your mechanic twice a year, to perform preventive maintenance on your car and anticipate mechanical problems.Our transmission service consists of a complete diagnosis of your transmission’s performance and general operation. Several of these procedures will be performed twice; once by the centre manager, and then again by a technician. This method allows double checking of your transmission’s key systems, while providing you with added assurance.

Engine and Transmissions Repair - Aram's Auto Repairs & Service Center


A mechanic is checking the engine of a car with a clipboard.

To maximize the performance and reliability of your car or truck, it is important to keep up with preventative maintenance services. We can give the best alternative sollution for auto maintenance and we can complete any factory services required by your car or truck, even those necessary to keep its new car warranty valid. The next time your car is due for service, skip the expensive dealership and come see for fast and fair priced car care.

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